Graveyard, noun: a soft drink made by mixing of all the different kinds of sodas at the fountain.              The Urban Dictionary

This blog will be very much the same as a graveyard drink; a mostly indiscriminate mixture of topics, thoughts, opinions, complaints, and ideas.

That is not to say my writing won’t be charged, because it is very much steeped in the essence of this quote:

“I don’t intend to let anybody make me live in less world than I’m capable of living in…  I get weary of people who use pessimism to avoid being responsible for all the problems in our culture.  A man who says we’re on the road to disaster is seldom trying to wrench the wheel away from the driver.  I prefer the troublemaker.  He tells them he doesn’t like the way they’re running the show, that he thinks he could do better, the fact is he’s going to try.”

Ken Kesey

I am a millennial and I will largely be writing from that sentiment, too.  This is my outlet for my frustration in the system that I feel very much a part of.  I increasingly find that I have more to say and no one to say it to.  But, after all, isn’t that what blogs are for?

I am very good at ideas.  I am addicted to them, and they emanate from my mind faster than I can write them down sometimes.  I love the questions ‘why?’ and ‘what if?’ and I am very good at speculation.

So, no matter the topic, often you will find things that I dislike with the world, and ways I think it can be fixed, and I won’t be apologizing.


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